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Choosing Location While Buying Flats In Patna – Tiruvantpuram City

Choosing Location While Buying Flats In Patna

Choosing Location While Buying Flats In Patna

You must be planning to buy a luxurious residential flat in Patna. So, you must have figured out your requirements i.e.

⦿  How much room do you want in your flat
⦿  It’s Interior
⦿  Facilities

But if you still having a problem finalizing the location, this blog from Tiruvantpuram City is for you.

Location does matter a lot!

The condition of your purchased flat can be changed. Its pricing can be changed anytime. You can also change its size & dimension to an extent. But there’s only one thing which can’t be changed i.e. the location of the flat.

We highly recommend you to go through the below blog before reading our current blog.

Blog Link:- Why Is Location Important While Buying a Flat In Patna?

Now you know why location matters before purchasing property in Patna, the question arises, Which location is best to purchase a flat in Patna?

The Answer is Danapur!

Here are a few points that justify the answer

Availability Of Important Services Near Danapur

Here the primary important services include quality schools, hospitals & clinics, banks, and police stations.
Danapur and its nearby have premium schools, healthcare facilities, and police stations. Some of which are:-

St Karen’s High School
Open Minds Birla School
Radiant International School
Mount Litera school
DAV Public school
Tribhuvan school

Hi-Tech Emergency Hospital
Samay Hospital
Curis Hospital

SBI Bank
Axis Bank

Means Of Transportation Near Danapur

Be it railway station or bridge, auto services or taxi and all other means of easy public conveyances are additional perks of Danapur. The Upcoming Metro route Danapur Cantt-Mithapur corridor would pass through the heart of the city and connect with densely populated areas. This makes Danapur one of the finest locations for the future.

Future Development

Being Patnaites, we all know how much area like Danapur, Saguna More, and Gola Road has developed in the past 1 decade. But it’s not the end, the real development is still to come.

Availability Of Amenities

People love living near amenities & convenience places like restaurants, cafes, shopping places, malls, and entertainment places. There are multiple places in Danapur that improvise your luxurious living.

Future Resale Potential

As the future development lies at Danapur, its resale value will skyrocket in the upcoming decades. This makes one of the biggest reasons to choose Danapur to buy your dream flat.

Tiruvantpuram City, Part of Nesh India (a real estate company in Patna) is located in a prime location of Patna At Vijay Path, Khagaul Danapur Road, Patna, having Premium 2 BHK, 3BHK & 4BHK Ready To Move Flats with features Like

⦿ Comfortable Spacious Rooms
⦿ Equipped Hassle-Free Kitchen Area
⦿ Cool and comfortable A/c fitment in one of the bedrooms
⦿ Modern Look Bathrooms

Tiruvantpuram City Township Feature Includes

⦿ Commercial Complex
⦿ Swimming Pool
⦿ Temple
⦿ Community Hall
⦿ Gym
⦿ Kids Play Area
⦿ Guest House
⦿ Jogging Track
⦿ Green Area

Looking For a Flat For Purchase In Danapur, Your Search Ends Here At Tiruvantpuram City | The Biggest Township Project In Patna, Bihar.

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